Goodlayers Admin panel on WordPress

Goodlayers Admin panel – a must

We use the new theme from Goodlayers called Total Business for Creative Dance, a kids dance school in Penrith. The theme is one of the most powerful one as you can manage lot of different layout without knowing coding, from pre header to section header. You can edit all colors from menu to the text. You have also a lot of options to add such as graph and price table.

A must for WordPress beginner, we recommend it to all web developer as well.

Useful plug ins

Splash pages for Magento

While we list most of the time WordPress plugins, we would like to talk today about one of our favourite plugins for Magento. While working with few Magento websites, we realise that brands needed an entire division in our SEO strategies and website structure. We test few of them and Splash is the one who succeed to look after the blokc section, meta tags, landing pages and monitoring attributes.

2 examples of websites using Splash:

1. We used this plug in recently on Petra Equipment, a commercial kitchen equipment website located in Australia.

2. We installed this plug in on Import Nutrition, a weight loss supplements and snoring mouth guard specialist.

Data back up

For large WordPress website, don’t forget to add a Cloud backup plugin

The best plugin must also contain backup features. The back -up features allows the user to store information in the cloud, that is either, Drop Box or Google Drive. Here, a user has the choice between a complete backup of the WordPress site or a backup of certain information, say emails, data base rand XML export of content .The backup feature may be free on some plugins while on others you have to upgrade to the premium version for a fee.

Moreover, certain plugins allow you to create scheduled backup, that is, say on an hourly basis or daily basis. Failure to have a plugin with scheduled backup means that a user has to constantly log in to their WordPress dashboard ad initiate backup.
The upgraded version of the backup feature on certain plugins offers real-time incremental backups, that is, the plugin backups the updated versions of files instantly. An example of such is VaultPress plugin. the VaultPress plugin is particularly ideal for large sites.

The importance of a responsive WordPress cannot be overemphasized. In the current times, the bulk of website traffic is generated from smart phones and other handheld devices. Although most WordPress plugins are built to be responsive ready, it is prudent to put the plugin to test for this feature. The test for responsiveness is by resizing the browser screen. Where the plugin is responsive, you will notice it resizing according to the browser size.

noteworthy, the best WordPress responsive plugins are able to adjust to the different screen sizes and different mobile devices. Other plugins such as WP Mobile Detector are built with the ability to detect if a user is on mobile devices or not and if they detect so, they load to a mobile compatible theme.

Finally, it will be worth noting that there are free and paid plugin options. The fact that some plugins are free does not, however, mean they are ineffective, the difference is that the paid options tend to have more features. Find out more at our digital marketing agency located in Sydney.

A guide to best plugins on WordPress

A guide to best plugins on WordPress

The choice of the best WordPress plugins is a technical endeavor. This is because plugins are built for different purposes. For instance, if you are are running a website for a magazine, or a blog on social issues, the best WordPress plugin is one that allows for easy readability. The golden rule is that the plugin must complement the website’s content.

Fast WordPress plugins

When selecting the best WordPress plugin, one ought to consider a few factors. Foremost, the WordPress plugin must be fast enough such that visitors do not have to spend unnecessary time waiting for the page’s load . Jetpack is a particularly fast WordPress plugin due to its mobile theme feature.

Easy to use

Secondly, the WordPress must be easy to use. The ease of usability is determined by several factors such as ease of customization. Certain plugins are too complicated that on has to call in a developer to switch from on theme to another. The chosen plugin must also be simple for visitors to use. Information must particularly be readily accessible and readable.

Checkout the subscription fee

Another consideration must be whether you need a plugin with subscription service or one with no subscriptions. Some of the best plugins with no subscription fees are BackupBuddy and . However, the disadvantage of such WP plugins is that they have limited services. For instance, BigupDaddy allows the user to only use the plugin on the sites that are named in the plan.