Technicians that test the quality of your indoor air will be checking for things like humidity control and the interiors’ pollution levels. Motivations for indoor air quality testing burlington ma work to be done now goes well beyond air cleaners, cleaning out ducts and doing sealing work. It also deals with energy recovery ventilation, very much a sustainable development with a universal view towards cleaning up the environment and reducing energy consumption levels that help to bring the costs thereof down as well.

indoor air quality testing burlington ma

Now, this needs reminding. More than likely, the Environmental Protection Agency has said this on more than one occasion already. Everyone, repeat; everyone has their health issues. And many of these could be avoided. Many of these health issues occur right inside of your own rooms or business premises. Eight out of ten residential properties, it has been reported, are experiencing indoor air health issues. And the EPA also reports that indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental risks to all public health.

It seems astounding to now know that there are two to five more contaminants within the indoor environment than out of doors. Who would have thought? Extremely serious or merely mild, millions of people have these. They have their allergies. And many of these allergies could have been avoided simply by removing the pollen trapped indoors. Of course, allergies are made all the more worse if the indoor air quality is bad. And other issues that your indoor air quality inspectors will be checking for include mold and excessive humidity.   

Excessive humidity is something that you can even see, never mind test for. If your windows are moist a lot of the time, then it’s clear as daylight that the indoor humidity levels are too high.