A guide to best plugins on WordPress

A guide to best plugins on WordPress

The choice of the best WordPress plugins is a technical endeavor. This is because plugins are built for different purposes. For instance, if you are are running a website for a magazine, or a blog on social issues, the best WordPress plugin is one that allows for easy readability. The golden rule is that the plugin must complement the website’s content.

Fast WordPress plugins

When selecting the best WordPress plugin, one ought to consider a few factors. Foremost, the WordPress plugin must be fast enough such that visitors do not have to spend unnecessary time waiting for the page’s load . Jetpack is a particularly fast WordPress plugin due to its mobile theme feature.

Easy to use

Secondly, the WordPress must be easy to use. The ease of usability is determined by several factors such as ease of customization. Certain plugins are too complicated that on has to call in a developer to switch from on theme to another. The chosen plugin must also be simple for visitors to use. Information must particularly be readily accessible and readable.

Checkout the subscription fee

Another consideration must be whether you need a plugin with subscription service or one with no subscriptions. Some of the best plugins with no subscription fees are BackupBuddy and . However, the disadvantage of such WP plugins is that they have limited services. For instance, BigupDaddy allows the user to only use the plugin on the sites that are named in the plan.

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